The new ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 smartphone from Google; the Chromebook seems to be on everyone’s lips. It has a powerful processor; a large; high-res screen; and plenty of software options. While many of its competitors are just rehashing the same old smartphones; the Chromebook is clearly different; offering something truly fresh. So; what should you expect from this impressive smartphone?



ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 has a powerful processor. Like the iPhone and iPad; the Chromebook offers a powerful hardware design. What it might lack in key finesse however; it makes up for with terrific features; excellent battery life; impressive wireless connectivity; and high-quality performance. Acer is gunning for Samsung and Asus with its Chromebook Spin 713; an ultra-portable laptop that also has very solid and practical aesthetics; powerful hardware; and superb functionality. It’s definitely the best chromebooks available today; and if you’re looking for a solid; affordable laptop with great performance; the Chromebook Spin is definitely worth checking out.

Keyboard and trackpad. The ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 review doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of its keyboard and trackpad. This is definitely one of the most responsive and feature-rich keys you can find on any modern laptop. With it weighs 2.5 pounds; the keys are not too cumbersome; and they are very responsive when pressed.

But what about the big-ticket feature: YouTube videos. Let’s face it: while the Chromebase is ultra-portable; this does not mean you can take YouTube videos with you everywhere you go. Luckily; the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 review takes things one step further. There is now a media player built into the laptop; allowing you to easily upload your favorite videos from your personal library directly to your HDTV. No more USB cords needed! And best of all; this device is compatible with Google Chrome; so you can actually use YouTube on your Chromebook as well.

Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

Storage Space. The big question everyone wants answered when it comes to the new chromebook is whether or not it will have enough storage space to support their everyday needs. Fortunately; the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 review gives you the inside scoop on that topic; as well as information on how you can optimize the small storage space provided by this beautiful new laptop. The all-alignment Toshiba drive is designed specifically for this device and provides you with eight gigs of available space (that’s adequate for standard videos and music). You’ll also appreciate the powerful yet low power consumption of this device as well; so even if you use your chromebook for light web browsing; you won’t feel like it’s draining your battery at all.

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