All-new iMac, iPad Pro, and Apple TV 4K orders start tomorrow

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A recent article on Apple’s website indicates that HomePod and iMac Pro are discontinued. Specifically, the company says that the iPod touch and iPhone will be replaced by the HomePod and the iMac Pro will be discontinued. Although Apple did not provide any reasons for the discontinuation of the products, it is obvious that the company sees them as competition.

Bye HomePod

Why is Apple saying these things? Well, it appears that they have seen a slowdown in overall iPod sales. Apple has also seen a decline in Mac net sales. It would make sense to them to put the two products on hold so as to increase their resources in other areas. The fact that they are discontinuing these products indicates that it is because they feel they can better serve the consumer.

In light of all of this, it appears that it is simply a marketing move. Apple has clearly stated that it wants to bring innovative products to the market. The iPods were part of this strategy. With the iPod products no longer available, it appears that Apple is simply moving forward with its strategy. Once again, we see Apple exercising their monopoly power over the electronic marketplace.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that HomePod and iMac are going to be available again. As was mentioned above, Apple could introduce new products at any time. However, if it is a simple marketing move, it makes sense for them to discontinue these products. After all, competition is good for business.

If Apple chooses to discontinue HomePod and iMac Pro, it would be interesting to see what the reaction is from consumers. They have been loyal to these products since they were introduced. It would only make sense for them to continue to provide consumers with great sound quality.

iMac Pro

If Apple decides to discontinue these products, it will be interesting to see what the reaction is among consumers. Will they try to purchase similar products from other companies? What about those that already own these devices? If they are dissatisfied, they may very well send Apple a letter stating their opinion. This can be a strong form of advertising.



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