Ampere Shower Power – Cool Hydropower


The Ampere shower Power Kit will fit any standard size bathroom that runs on one faucet. This makes it easier than other shower fixtures install. There are no special codes to worry about and no drilling holes. Just put the Ampere shower head where it will fit and turn on the power.

Ampere Shower Power

The Ampere shower works extremely well. It is completely waterproof and can handle all types of water with no problem at all. The only thing that this product cannot handle is a very strong vacuum. If there is something heavy or extremely strong attached to the top of the tub or the shower, this gadget will not work. It also will not work if there is something obstructing the flow of water from the tub.

The Ampere shower also comes with a self-explanatory video that will explain everything you need to know. Even if you are new to the world of cleaning, this is a great place to start. The video walks you through the proper process of cleaning the gadget, from installation to running the shower. There is also a manual that comes with the Ampere. While reading the manual, you can learn how to turn the water on and off with the touch of your finger tips.

Best Buy

The other big selling point is that Ampere Shower Power does not use electricity. A hydropower Bluetooth shower speaker, made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. Fits any showerhead. 360° immersive and bold sound. All it uses is your body heat to turn on the water. It also works with both hot and cold water. You can use hot water for your shower and then put your hair into a curling iron while lying in the hot water. It can also be used to dry your hair in the shower.

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