Corsair Obsidian Series 4000X RGB Review

Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Corsair Obsidian Series 4000X RGB plan sits on top of the cooler to guarantee greatest cooling and the best prebuilt gaming pc. The fans are peaceful when contrasted with different cards in this value section; which implies you can get an excellent framerate while playing your games.

Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases of this month. The new age of PC cases from the top name in PC cases; the organization of Corsair; has presented another series of gaming PC cases called the “4000X RGB”. This new reach from Corsair is totally different from the more seasoned models in that it is altogether aluminum. In addition to the fact that this provides a lot higher solidarity to help heavier designs cards than some other aluminum case could offer; however the additional material likewise expands the inflexibility of the motherboard plate and front board which additionally builds the existence of the two parts.

From an absolutely tasteful point of view; we felt that the utilization of aluminum on the motherboard plate and front board looked extraordinary; yet there are three additional significant advantages to consider from an exhibition outlook. Right off the bat; with the expanded inflexibility of the motherboard plate and front board the illustrations cards will be all the more firmly stuffed into the case; consequently diminishing any slop that might actually prompt framework disappointment. It is hence that the more established corsair opsc series 4000 series isn’t viable with top of the line designs cards, for example, those found in the most recent age of illustrations cards fromigio.

Besides; the new Fractal Configuration characterize RYO motherboard watercooling frameworks – (RYO represents ” RGB”). Similarly as with numerous other Fractal plans; the new RYO innovation gives a simple and practical strategy to give steady wind current to the illustrations card; while keeping the temperatures at a consistent level. This implies that there are no holes between the cards; subsequently no danger of over-warming. With the utilization of a corsair obsidian series 4000x RGB – (small scale itx) – (miniature atx) – (for smaller than normal itx) clients presently have the smartest possible solution; cooling the illustrations cards impeccably; without forfeiting the all out presentation capability of the cards.

Corsair Obsidian Series 4000X RGB

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The fourth component we will take a gander at is that of the front board. The standard corsair consumption has been extended to incorporate two extra places to where you can characterize an additional 7 levels of temperature to help your processor or PC run a lot of smoother. The front board likewise incorporates two front board ports that can be utilized to associate screens or console. These are ideal for controlling if your PC is being used. Furthermore; the atx go through opening allows you to connect any standard links including a molex or usb.

The last element we will check out is the slimline console and mouse plate. This permits you to situate the console/mouse under the atx plate. This is incredible for those of us who like to watch web based recordings on our PC; yet don’t have any desire to upset others simultaneously. The console and mouse are additionally positioned on a skewed rack so they are not difficult to get to. There is additionally an illuminated red logo that enlightens the front of the motherboard. There is no actual link associations in this atx plate.

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