Dyson Air Purifier – Affordable and Reliable

Air Purifier

If you are looking for a top of the line air purifier but don’t have much money to spend on it, consider the new Dyson Air Purifier. It’s the perfect example of modern technology meets a timeless classic design. Example: Dyson HP 02 Pure Hot is essentially a HP01 model without the handy Dyson Link application. By taking advantage of the built in Link facility, you can save a few hundred dollars; same great performance, but without the pricey iPhone application.

Dyson Air Purifier

The Dyson Air Purifier uses its patented cyclonic action to cool the air you breathe. Unlike other air purifiers, it has no filter to clean, just the air chamber. This design allows for less turbulence, which allows for cooler, clearer smelling air. If you have allergies or are sensitive to dust particles, you will appreciate the filterless design.

The Dyson Air Purifier is building using two separate but complimentary technologies: the Dyson Cloud Filter and the patented CFM Technology. The CFM, or Continuous Flight Mechanical Motion, technology is reliable to improve airflow by capturing and redirecting existing airflow.

The Dyson Cloud Filter collects microorganisms and bacteria that otherwise entering the filter basket, where they sit and multiply. These pollutants are also sucked back out of your lungs in your hot air intake.


One of the most unique features of the Dyson Air Purifier is the patented Percolator Technology. As the name suggests, this system uses water to mix with air to produce a steady stream of bubbly mist. The Dyson Cloud Filter does not use the same water, so the Dyson Air Purifier will continually produce pure humidify cool air without the mess of mixing and matching liquids.

When the Dyson Air Purifier is turned on, it begins to emit a jet of mist from the bottom of the unit. This jet stream of mist cleanses the air in your home without the intervention of a humidifier, a process that other humidifiers will not completely clean the air of bacteria or microorganisms.



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