KEF Mu3 Sales Q3 2021


Kef Mu3 noise-canceling cordless earbuds has always been known for its innovative designs, but the latest addition to their headphone lineup is the Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones. With a host of features and advantages, these headphones have not only won awards from audiologists, but also from common consumers. Here are just a few of the reasons why these headphones are so popular.


First of all, these KEF Mu3 headphones are wireless. They work with any type of Bluetooth device. That means you can use them with your MP3 player or your laptop. If you prefer to go out in public with your music player, then these headphones will work perfect for you. You can set them to play loudly or soft, so that you won’t disturb others by waking them up. The built-in rechargeable batteries allow you to enjoy hours of music without having to change batteries.

The built-in sound card permits you to record audio as long as you have a recording device. This also means that you can enjoy hours of your favorite songs or recordings without having to carry extra audio cables. If you have an existing recording device or a DVD burner, then you don’t even need to purchase a separate audio cable. These headphones have a built-in connection with your music device. You can plug it right into the headgear, start recording, and let the headphones do the rest!

When you are recording, the built-in microphone attached to the headphones lets you hear yourself perfectly. It is also capable of detecting footfalls, allowing the headphones to work even better for you. The built-in speakers allow you to enjoy your recorded audio even while you are outside. This feature eliminates the need to carry additional speakers.


Unlike typical headphones, the noise-canceling wireless earbuds are very small and virtually invisible. You will hardly notice them amongst all your other accessories. They are also very durable and will stay in your ears for a long time, so you can listen as long as you like. These headphones have been reviewed by users, and they all have great things to say about the Kef Mu3s.



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