Leica M10-R Digital Rangefinder Camera


The new Leica M10-R Camera provides users with a compact, lightweight, and highly refined medium of professional photography. Utilizing the technologies of the new generation of compact and semi-professional cameras, this model provides users with the ability to take great-looking pictures in just about any light condition. The lens is also quite unique due to its f/stop settings of f/8, which is just one notch above the already praisedutter system of the flagship model, the Leica M10. It also features an advanced multi-processing unit, which provides the user with image processing abilities rivaling many professional level cameras. For those that like to experiment with lighting, especially in the shadows, the Leica M10-R offers the opportunity to do so as well, thanks to its three shooting modes – Scene Blending, Evaluative Tone Control, and Bulb Compensation.

Leica M10-R

There is no doubt that the camera has all of the right features for professional photographers. However, it does have some shortcomings that may limit its usability to some extent. Despite boasting about the speed of scanning, it does tend to take a while to actually process images. Also, even when the flash fires, it doesn’t necessarily result in a bright picture. In fact, pictures often remain dull.

This is not a problem with the Leica M10-R however. The lens is fully manual, so you can do as you please. You can make it faster or slower as you wish, or have a hard wired flash installed, if desired. Another great aspect is that the M10 can be used as a general purpose rangefinder as well as a close up lens. This is great for those who love taking pictures of close subjects but dislike having to focus harder.

Price and Verdict

For outdoors enthusiasts, this is a great compact Leica camera for a day’s worth of activities. Although, like many compact cameras, it lacks the ability to preview photos in higher resolution. This won’t matter if you are only using it for short periods. Even a few minutes spent using the M10 will already be enough to make it worth the extra cash.



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