A few years ago; the idea of having a smartphone and a LENOVO CHROMEBOOK DUET in one hand was a far-fetched fantasy. Fortunately; Lenovo has made such a laptop with the Lenovo Chromebook. At first glance; the Chromebook looks just like a smartphone. However; upon closer inspection; it turns out that the Chromebook has a screen that is substantially larger than those on smartphones; though it is also lighter and is much easier to carry around.



The powerful hardware of the LENOVO CHROMEBOOK DUET makes it ideal for people who are into business. The touch screen; keyboard; and speakers of the device to ensure that you get all the functionality that you need. At first glance; the Chromebook seems to be very similar to the iPhone and iPad; but upon closer inspection; it is obvious that this is not the case. It is not even close. The difference between the smartphone and the Chromebook is the Chromebook Duet’s powerful dual-core Intel Core processor; paired with a high-speed; broadband wireless connection.

At present; there are many Android tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire; Sony Ericsson XPERIA Z Ultra; and the Asus Transformer Pad series which run on top of the Android platform. As a result; many people compare the Chromebook to these Android tablets. The truth is that the tablet PC technology is nowhere close to being an excellent choice as compared to these other devices. Android tablets make great mobile phones thanks to their excellent touchscreens and advanced processors. The problem is that most people find the Android experience to be far more superior than anything that could be offered with a Chromebook.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

A few months ago; I decided to buy a laptop because I wanted to save money. At the time; I believed that there was no reason for me to spend more on a laptop when I could purchase the same functionality for less using a ChromeBook. In fact; I had discovered that I could get twice the performance out of the laptop without spending more money. Therefore; I figured that it was about time that I looked into getting a LENOVO CHROMEBOOK DUET with a 2-in-one feature.

By comparing the two earlier tablets; I realized that it would be very difficult for me to make a decision. Even though I had found the best android tablet so far; the problem was that my budget only went so far. If I were to purchase a chromebook; I would have to part with my old tablet computer or use the additional space just to store files. Since I couldn’t justify the additional cost of the chromebook Duet; I decided that it wasn’t worth investing in yet.

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