LG ending its mobile business soon

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LG is ending its Mobile Marketing venture with T-Mobile. The American company had been in the market for some time now and it was not able to gain a strong foothold in the mobile world. This was because of its poor marketing strategy that backfired against it. LG has however pulled itself up from the mess and is ready to challenge Apple and Nokia in the segment. It has however ended its partnership with Vodafone in the United Kingdom.

LG Mobile Business

LG had earlier launched two smartphones -the LG Optimus G Pro. Both of them were equipped with LG’s unique mobile technology called LPDDR4 but the latter one suffered from serious lags and slow speed. This device also suffered from frequent connection interruptions that often meant the callers faced long-drops and busy signal situations. In such a scenario, it had to discontinue its contract deal with Vodafone in the United Kingdom.

LG was also not able to sustain its share in the high-end mobile phone segment in the United Kingdom. With this, it decided to end its contract offer with Vodafone and look for other opportunities that would help it sustain its share in the lucrative UK mobile market. In this move, it was able to retain its mainstay customer -Vodafone, but at the same time was able to attract new users by offering attractive contract offers with T-Mobile.

Future Plans

What does this mean for the future of LG? It means that the company has to change its strategy to cater to a new set of consumers. These are the users who have not yet taken an interest in buying mobile phones from the likes of LG, Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson. In fact, the iPhone has completely changed the way people think about mobiles, and LG needs to pay attention to these users or risk losing its grip on a leading position in the global mobile phone market.

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