McIntosh MHA200 Vacuum Tube – $2,500


The McIntosh MHA200 vacuum tube headphone amplifier is the perfect device to use if you are interested in improving and exercising your skills at home. The MHA200 also comes with a belt clip, so it is lightweight and easy to transport. These vacuum tubes have been proven to give you high quality sound that beats any other type of speaker system you will find in fitness stores, gymnasiums and recording studios.

McIntosh MHA200

You will need to understand how vacuum tubes work before you choose to purchase a unit such as the McIntosh MHA200. The electrical impulses are made through a magnet. The magnet is placed on the conductors, which are the part of the amp you will be connecting to your speakers. The electrical current passes through the magnet, which causes the magnet to vibrate.

The tube within the MHA200 allows for a much larger battery charge than other head phones, so you will have plenty of battery time left over for your other applications as well. It will provide hours of battery time, so you will never be stranded without a headset. The battery life is also longer than that of some other types of head phones which can cause frustration if you are traveling and would like to have music playing while you are away from home.

There are many good reasons to choose the MHA200 over other similar tube head phones. The MHA200 is small, light, and very portable. It has a standard voltage specification and an operating frequency that are very stable. The MHA200 is also a very efficient tube amplifier, which means that you get all the benefits that you would expect from a high quality tube headphone amplifier. These and many other great attributes make the MHA200 one of the best tube head phones on the market toda


In addition to all of the good things above, there are some things that you should know about the MHA200. The one that most people recommend is that you should not use it with other models of the iPod as it is designed for use with this one. If you plan on going to college or using it for work purposes, however, you will find that this tube headphone amplifier fits the job description quite nicely. It is one of the best out there and if you want a very small and discreet sounding device to use while traveling, this might be the one for you.

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