Mi Air Charge

Xiaomi Mi 11

The Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Wireless Charger seems like a great gift for anyone in your family. It can charge all of your electronic devices, including your phone. It can also charge your device while you are traveling without using any batteries at all. Here are a few reasons why this product should be on your shopping list.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

Your phone probably doesn’t come with a charger, and most people don’t think to buy one. This means that you will be left carrying your phone and the charger in your bag or pocket wherever you go. All the juice you get from it is lost. This means that you need to recharge your device even when you are at home or in the car.

Unlike traditional wireless charging tech, which generally requires users to place their gadgets on a charging stand or pad, Mi Air Charge is truly wireless. It utilises a remote ‘charging pile’ that can detect the location of your smartphone and beam energy over to it through thin air.

You don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. With the Xiaomi Mi Air Wireless Charger, you will never have to worry about running out of juice. You can put your phone down, and it will still charge. You will also be able to use this charger while you are traveling, which means you can continue to get what you want when you are traveling.

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You can charge your device using this charger even if you are not going to be using your phone for a long time. It is a fast charger, which means that you will have full battery charge in just under an hour. If you are going to be traveling for an extended period of time, this is probably the best choice for you to buy. Other wireless chargers might take as long as four hours to charge your device. With the XiaoMi Air, you can expect to be charging your device in less than two hours.



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