Mobile World Congress Shanghai Aftermath


The Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021 will bring together the top mobile manufacturers, mobile service providers, network operators, manufacturers of electronic appliances, wireless phone producers and system integrators.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai

The most recent smart phones available from pandemic tech are the Windows Mobile 5.1. This latest version has improved text and multimedia functions, as well as voice dialing features. With Windows Mobile, consumers can easily navigate from one application to the next.

Apart from smart phones, tablets have also become very popular in the world of mobile technology. Smartphones with high resolution screen are ideal for reading books and newspapers. They can also be used for browsing the internet. However, high-end tablets like the iPad has a large touch screen, which can be used for various other applications. The touch screen allows for a fluid and easy operation of the device.


Mobile phone companies like the Samsung Electronics and Nokia are making efforts to enter the smartphone market. Both these brands have launched affordable and feature-rich smart phones. These devices have a high-definition camera as well as a handwriting-recognition software. These devices are equipped with a large memory, allowing users to store many photos and videos. Other features include media players and Bluetooth. As more people are going online, smart phones have become an important tool for communicating and surfing the internet.

COVID-19 Concern?

Apart from smart phones and tablets, the mobile market is also flooded with low cost smartphones. Some of these devices run on low-end engines and are not capable of playing high-definition videos. A big drawback with low-end smart phones is that they run on low power. However, the technology keeps improving. Many mobile service providers in Mobile World Congress Shanghai  are also offering very low prices. With more innovation, smart phones from pandemic tech will surely be available in the future.

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