NFC Usage – How It Works

NFC Usage

NFC usage among gadget users is gaining popularity. Actually this is not a new technology. It’s been mentioned many times. But maybe many don’t know how to use it optimally.

If abroad, NFC has been used as a payment method. So there is no need to prepare cash or swipe a credit card. Take out your smartphone, open the app to order anything at tap it at the cashier.

NFC at smartphones cannot actually work alone. It must be accompanied by an NFC tag. NFC tag is a link for starting features using NFC. The pre-programmed NFC tag allows users to control various functions on their cell phones automatically, with just one tap.

NFC Function
NFC Function

By using NFC tags, you can perform several activities, such as adjusting the alarm on your smartphone, entering certain application models, activating Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, adjusting the ringtone volume, and setting screen brightness, without needing to turn on your phone or touch the menu display.

NFC Usage Can Be Used For Many Things

Guests visiting our homes can activate and use existing Wi-Fi by simply tapping their device on the NFC tag that has stored the Wi-Fi password.

If you use NFC, you just wave your phone at the door and – if permission is accepted – the door will open. No need to turn the key.

File transfer can also be via NFC. Android Beam uses NFC to enable Bluetooth pairing and transmits data from one phone to another. However, this can only be used on devices that have the Android operating system 4.0 or above.

When first launched, the most common NFC application was ‘check-in’. Users can check-in with LBS (Location Based Service) by simply tapping the NFC tag that has been inserted in the shop. In the business sphere, we can also use NFC to scan tags that provide map information for the location of the store.

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