Nvidia to postpone the RTX 3080 Ti to February

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It seems that RTX 3080 has been postponed again. This time it is in the hands of gamers. Gaming enthusiasts have taken to twitter to express their concerns and questions about the new game.  If you are going to be spending a lot of time with it, consider purchasing an anti-scratch pad to use in the case that something were to happen.

Nvidia RTX 3080

Many people are tweeting about the possibility of the game being postponed yet again. The latest news is that the release has been delayed until February. When a brand new game is released months ahead of its official release date, there are a lot of negative comments from gamers and game lovers.

There are complaints about RTX 3080 bugs, inconsistencies, poor graphics, and other issues. Once the game is scratched, there is no way for consumers and retailers to sell the console or games to anyone else. The console is then put back on store shelves and cannot be sold or distributed to anyone else.

February Availabilty

Now that the console has been scratched, how will it be sold? The best bet is that it will not be sold at all. Stores cannot handle the inventory and will not receive the funds from selling it. The cost to store and ship the unit is too great. I’m sure though that they will try, but the financial commitment would be too great for them to consider.


The most important thing to do is to avoid having your console damaged in any way. Whether it is being scratched by someone, dropped on the ground, or even dropped on your lap, make sure to keep it safe. If you are at an event where your console is being used, make sure to clean it before using it.

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