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Polar Vantage V2 watch gives you the opportunity to get right under the skin with it. This waterproof multi-sport GPS watch has everything that Polar sports enthusiasts look for in a GPS watch. It features the most accurate timepiece made by Polar, it’s weatherproof up to a 12-mile radius, it’s comfortable to wear all day long, it has an in-built stopwatch, and it’s capable of recording Distance, Time, Heart Rate, Speed and Lap Time. The V2 model also comes with a chest strap that can be used with Polar’s other fitness watches. It can be paired easily with Polar’s award winning heart rate monitor watch, the Polar HRM200M.

Polar Vantage V2

The Polar Vantage V2 GPS watches allows you to get your groove on regardless of whether you’re going for a run; a bike ride or a class. You can choose the settings that work best for you. That means that even if you’re at a gym, you can set the watch so that you have your workout data fields displayed in the figures section – which include your Target Index (which is the maximum and minimum heart rate achieved during your workout), Your Target Score, percentage of maximum intensity you achieved during a workout, your Recovery Time, the total number of calories burned during your workout and many other data fields that interest you. As you can see, the data fields are very detailed and offer precise information about your workout.

Price and Availability

When you select the Polar Vantage V2 GPS in either the sports mode or the interactive mode, you will go into the main menu and then select the various options available. Among the choices you’ll find sport mode that allows you to select various activities you want your watch to monitor. This includes such things as cycling, running, climbing and swimming, as well as indoor and outdoor activities like running indoors and even surfing or kayaking.



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