Portable Water Purifier Buying Tips

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Portable water purifier device are highly compact, easy-to-carry, self-contained units intended to purify tap water for drinking purposes from untreated resources. Their primary function is to remove pathogenic bacteria, commonly known as cysts, and frequently also of some toxic or unpalatable dissolved solids. They are designed to be carried with minimum effort in an easily moved case. Purifiers of this type are ideal for the traveler who has to carry with them purified water in an emergency situation. It can also be an excellent choice for campers, hikers, or those who live in an area where clean drinking water is a major concern.

Portable Water Purifier

There are a wide range of portable water purifiers on the market today. A number of well known brands manufacture portable water purifiers such as Brita, PUR, and others. Purifying your own water at home is simple with one of these purifiers. Other great options are eLuxury’s portable water filter and Everpure’s micro filtration series.

A portable water purifier works by filtering impurities from tap water, then letting it stand for a few minutes so that the impurities can settle into the reservoir. The water leaves the reservoir via a faucet or hose. The unit is then ready to use.

What makes a great purifier? Purifiers vary in many ways from each other, but all work by cleaning water of impurities while retaining the minerals present naturally in water. When buying a purifier, you should get one that feels like water. If you’re buying a body shower filter, you should look for one that feels more like soap than water. Some people say that taste is better, but it is really just about preference.

Buying Tips

Do you have a lot of impurities in your water? Many times the simplest answer is “yes.” If you have a lot of impurities in your drinking water, you may need more than one filtering unit. Many systems come together with a water softener so that the water you drink has less of a mineral taste and more of a natural taste.


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