The new PS5 VR controller headset promises to be even better than the first-generation headsets. The new PS5 VR, or PlayStation VR, will feature a new camera system with improved tracking and much more functionality than the PSVR’s famed PS Move controllers.

A whole new look to your gaming space. The new round-shaped tracking unit is also more accurate and provides complete mobility of movement.


A new interactive controller. When you are playing any PS4 game, no matter if it is for single player or co-op play, the new PS5 vr headset automatically recognizes where you are in the scene and positions you in the game.

This greatly reduces or completely eliminates any movement sickness you may be familiar with. In addition to this, your hands are fully integrated with the game, so you can easily play any PS4 game with a new, comfortable, fully interactive and fully responsive full-body PS5 vr controller.

The haptic feedback on the PS5 VR allows you to put your hands in a whole range of natural positions in each game, including your palms, thumbs, forearms, and even your fingers. You will no longer have to worry about accidentally pressing a button and shocking yourself with a jolt of discomfort from your entire hand and body!

$399 EST

The haptic feedback is so powerful that your brain perceives it as a full sense of touch, resulting in the most natural interaction possible. This feature makes the Sony controller a true joy to use.

A new design for the PS5 vr controller. The new PS5 vr controllers replace the old, uncomfortable rubberized grips with a new, lightweight aluminum metal frame. This new frame adds more than enough bulk and rigidity to improve your gaming experience. While the new DualSense controls take up less space and are now more compact and sleek looking, they still allow you the ability to use both of the buttons on your controller at the same time for multi-buttoning.



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