Realme C25 Phone vs F12

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The Realme C25 Phone is a unique VoIP based device. A new technology, it provides an unprecedented combination of a high end phone and a PDA. The phone is equipped with RealMe technologies that are revolutionary and provide the user with a touch screen interface with full QWERTY keyboard. When combined with its accompanying App (for Android and IOS), the Realme C25 Phone offers one single solution for all of your communication needs.

Realme C25

This phone not only handles calls and messages, but also acts as a PDA to organize your life. It comes equipped with four customizable dials, allowing you to customize your sound accordingly. Plus, the single button design of this convenient device makes dialing and navigating quick and easy. There is no need to physically pull out any hardware to answer each call or message.

One major advantage of RIM’s RIM Revolution is its long distance calling capabilities. With RIM’s single line plan, there is no added cost for long distance calls. Calls can be made at the same rate as local calls, regardless of where they happen to be placed. You can even call Canada for a modest cost premium. For added security, there is an option to have caller ID. In this manner, someone can identify who is calling, should it ever become suspicious.

Another innovation offered by the RealMe C25 Phone is its GPS technology. A built-in GPS receiver allows the user to find their location at any time, which can be especially useful if the person is traveling. This can also prove very helpful in situations where the user is missing and unable to get back home. It can easily be programmed so that the user is directed to correct directions, and guides them safely home.

Lacking Heat Dissipation Technology

The RealMe C25 Phone is remarkably affordable, provided its ingenious attributes. The cost of the RealMe C25 Phone is less than numerous competing phone designs in the marketplace today. The phone itself is around $100, which is about what the majority of people would anticipate to spend for an unlocked cellular phone, very little extra expensive than numerous significant charge card. This is definitely one to take into consideration if you’re looking for a phone that has every little thing out there however without going broke. If you have a poor credit rating, nonetheless, this may not be the phone for you.

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