Sony A8H Bravia OLED TV – 55″ 65″


Experience an incredible, true-to-life image with Sony A8H Bravia OLED TV Technology. The top-rated TV for its class combines high-definition clarity and ultimate picture quality. With an optimized scanning process and the most advanced processor, the Sony A8H Bravia offers top-notch picture quality with a natural feel that you will love. Enjoy your television viewing experience from the comfort of your home with this new technology from Sony. You can now watch your favorite programs in full-screen mode; and make use of the excellent OLP display technology for ultimate comfort.

Sony A8H Bravia OLED TV

Connectivity is the key to a great TV experience. The Sony A8H Bravia OLED TV can be connected to your home entertainment system for an ultimate entertainment experience. The built-in speaker system delivers crisp surround sound and clear dialog. Experience an amazing picture with the powerful processor X1 Ultimate.

Experience a high definition TV that brings you the most realistic colors and sound through the Sony LCD TV’s high definition digital display. The result is a viewing experience that you will never forget. The sound has been crystalize for optimal listening pleasure. With the ability to switch between programs and movie channels easily; you are able to enjoy hours of entertainment with your TV in hands-on mode.

65″ class (64.5″ diag) $1,999.99

Simply press the included remote control (sold separately) to enter the TV’s operation mode. The included stand comes in one and two versions. This is a great feature for multi-Zone TV with a TV, DVD or other display device and is also a great tool to add extra outputs if you have high definition sources.

These are just several of the many attributes readily available on the Sony A-IX HDTV. When you buy it from a trusted store or from the net, you’ll enjoy even a lot more advantages. For more information, browse through reviews and also contrast different items. You’ll have the ability to discover the HDTV that meets your amusement needs; as well as supplies you with a complete residence entertainment experience.



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