Sony FX3 Cinematic Line Camera


For those that enjoy the finer details, the Sony FX3 camera contains an audio visual supplement. This feature allows you to view pictures and listen to background music while you are listening to your favorite audio tracks. This is perfect for those who like to make the drive from point A to point B as relaxing as possible. It lets you get the most out of your drive. It also eliminates the need for portable devices that may have trouble playing the audio files you need.

Sony FX3

The auto-reminder that comes with the camera is designed to be comfortable to hold. This is perfect for those who need to take videos during long car trips. You get quality audio any time you want it, even when you are on the road. The built in microphone attached to the camera makes it easy to use.

You also get quality sound when you crank up the volume. There are many options available to you when it comes to the controls on the in-dash receiver. You can choose to get rid of the factory speaker so you don’t need to carry around another device to play all your music’s songs. You can also choose to get quality speakers so you can enjoy even more of the crisp sound from your satellite radio receiver.

120fps HD

One of the best features on this Sony Camera is the Voice Recognition function. With the Sony Xplod car speaker system installed in your vehicle, you don’t have to touch any buttons to do what you have to. You will have full control over when the radio starts playing so you don’t waste time waiting for it to start. It will even recognize voices of the people that are with you so you don’t have to prompt them for a choice. If you need to have hands-free driving, the in-dash receiver will do that for you. It is truly a remarkable feature for anyone who wants to make their drive more enjoyable.

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