Dangerous Gadgets for Little Kids


Many gadgets are dangerous for children. There are many electronic devices that could lead to hurting the innocent lives of your children, but most of them are not deemed as so-called ‘dangerous’ by the adults who create them. But what if a gadget is found that can hurt the life of your child? What if you discover a new invention that could be potentially dangerous for children?

Dangerous Gadgets

Let us start with some common household items. You cannot deny the fact that electrical appliances could be extremely dangerous for human children. We are all quite sure that electric current can kill a cat or an animal when we do not use it properly. And it can certainly kill human children. And if you overuse a plug, the result can be fatal.

Gadgets like the stuffed toy cars can be fatal for young children. They are too soft and can suffocate or get into their mouths. Stuffed toys have strings attached to them that could be pulled and suffocate the child. Parents must always keep an eye on the toys that their children play with. If they are already used to playing with a certain toy, they could choke on its string.

Gadgets like the baby bottle gripper are also dangerous. It can easily slip out of the hand of a small child. And because it is slick, it might not be seen immediately. But it can put pressure on the neck of a baby, which can cause suffocation.

There are also gadgets that are connected to the television set. It could easily catch fire from the screen. This is why you should avoid using televisions that are placed near fireplaces or any other heater sources. Gadgets like cordless phones should only be used inside the house. These are usually safe for human children.

But what about gadgets that could be dangerous for adult human children? Things like hair curling irons and blow dryers must never be allowed inside the house. They might accidentally burn their young bodies. Also, anything that emits strong odors should be strictly avoided. This includes pets. Household cleaning products emit strong smells that could harm human children.

When cooking, it is very important for people in the household to ensure that their hands are clean. The hot oil might accidentally splatter onto the food preparation surfaces. Cleaning the kitchen countertops often is also a good idea. Gadgets like iPods should be put on high shelves or racks so they could be easily reached by children. It is important that there are no small pieces of food left uncovered. Kids could eat whatever they want without hesitation.

Now that you know how dangerous some gadgets could be, there is still a lot that you can do to avoid exposing yourself and your children to them. You can buy gadgets that have safety measures in place. These could be alarms or locks on the drawers. If possible, ask around for ideas on how to avoid being surrounded by these dangerous gadgets.

Gadgets like ovens that keep warm for a long time should be used carefully. Do not leave them on high temperatures. Not only could they burn their fingers, but they could also catch fire. You could place them in a kitchen lower than where they were designed to be. In the event that they catch on fire, get out quickly.

Gadgets like hair dryers should also be used properly. Children could stretch their arms out of the hair dryer, preventing the gadget from coming into contact with their skin. Before letting them play with any kind of electrical gadget, make sure that they are old enough to be able to understand how to use it.

Future Technologies

Just because they are meant for older children does not mean that they would not be enjoyable. You could watch TV together while stretching your legs or playing with them. You could also buy them some new clothes so that they would not get too hot and uncomfortable.

Some other dangerous electronic devices include toy kitchens. They are often built with flammable liquids inside. Children could swallow some of these liquids and die. There is also a new model of these toy kitchens that uses heat. While they do not burn their fingers like most of the other dangerous gadgets, they could still cause burns to your child’s skin if they were to play