EyeQue VisionCheck 2 Smartphone Vision Test

The EyeQue VisionCheck 2 brand from Phillips is an affordable, discreet way for consumers to test their vision. The Eye Que VisionCheck2 iPhone and the Eye Que VisionCheck Stand are two smart health gadgets that are designed to help consumers with their eye care needs. While both devices use the patented EyeQ technology to determine a patient’s eyesight, there are important differences between the two devices. The specific differences between the two products are covered in this article. The goal of this article is to help you identify and learn more about these two innovative health and fitness gadgets.

EyeQue VisionCheck 2

Both products are designed to collect detailed data about your eyesight and measure it against various thresholds. These data are sent wirelessly to a central computer. The information is then converted into easy-to-understand graphs and images that can be viewed online or printed on paper. If you are curious about which smart health gadgets to buy, the two products from Phillips are a good place to start. However, it is important to note that the results are not directly comparable to those offered by the Acuvue brand.

The Acuvue Oasys Eye Tracker is a touch screen device that can measure and diagnose vision problems using various techniques, including Atypical Scratch Testing, Amblyopia, Presbyopia, and Astigmatism. The Eye Tracker can measure test results in less than 60 seconds. However, the Eye Que VisionCheck is almost three times faster. The two devices offer detailed results with many different threshold levels, allowing you to get a good idea of your vision improvement over time. Both products are also offered with special software that allows users to compare their test results to their actual results.

Eye Checker

In order to make sure your eyes are improving, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis. That is why the Philips Eye Tracker and the Eye Que VisionCheck are so important to consider if you are trying to purchase smart health gadgets for your eyes. As technology improves, these new devices offer better accuracy and allow for more advanced options to diagnose your eyes and give you the care you need.