AARMR full face mask – 3 times better

The Arthritis Research UK researchers headed by Professor Robin Sharp have developed an Arthritis AARMR full face mask. This is the first time the technology of a ARMR face mask has been applied to help patients with arthritis. In their study the scientists showed that patients who used the Arthritis AARMR full face mask experienced improvement in pain management and other measures of disability control. Those who were prescribed the treatment also reported feeling better and also seeing improvements in the severity of their symptoms. As the results showed great improvement, researchers decided to move the treatment to larger groups.

AARMR full face mask

The technology of the Arthritis AARMR face mask was developed after much research and testing by the Arthritis Research UK team. They know from other similar treatments that if they can make a mask that can be worn on the face, it can improve the condition’s impact on sufferers. Previous treatments such as surgery or wearing a supporting supportive ointment didn’t work well for some sufferers. This led the group to develop their own technology.

While using Arthritis AARMR, some patients experienced bruising and swelling at the corners of their eyes. In addition, some patients found that they had difficulty opening and closing their eyes. These side effects should subside with time. For most people, these side effects did not significantly impact their lives, but they were worth monitoring.


The Arthritis AARMR full face mask uses the heat-sensitive technology called infrared, thermogravimetric technology. This is similar to the technology used in many health care devices such as ultrasound machines or laser light treatment. What makes this mask so different is that it works by emitting infrared beams in the direction of the wearer’s face. In doing so these beams reduce inflammation and pain caused by the wear and tear of the joints. This technology can also reduce swelling, ease muscle spasms, and improve range of motion.