The Samsung Galaxy A52 is a mid-range Android based smartphone made and released by Samsung Electronics. The smartphone; launched along with the new Galaxy A72 in Samsung’s exclusive Awesome Unpacked event at Samsung’s virtual Cool Launch event on 17 March; serves as the powerful replacement to the aging Galaxy A 51. With the aim of providing consumers a powerful smartphone in a cost-efficient manner; the Alder has been designed with the first hand experience of a high-end smartphone in mind. In fact; the smart phone has many features that have been specifically designed to provide the type of user experience that users are looking for. This is what we will discuss in this review.



One of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is its amazing imaging and camera abilities. The high resolution; good color accuracy and low light imaging performance of the smartphone are great for amateur photographers and videographers alike. The rear LED flash offers an additional feature for photographers who want a brighter shot. Another excellent feature of this smartphone is its image stabilization; which ensures that the pictures taken with the smartphone are very well-captured and do not appear out of focus or blurry.

An impressive feature of this smartphone is its dual-camera functionality – the ability to take both still and video images with the same device. With the ability to simultaneously shoot images with the camera on one side and video using the built-in camcorder on the other side; the Samsung Galaxy A52 gives you two great options when it comes to taking pictures. The first is the ability to select your favorite pictures while in the auto modes. You can also switch to video mode by simply pressing the button on the camera home key or double clicking on the screen. This dual-camera functionality is something that most modern smartphones have and it adds great value to this smartphone.

One of the more impressive aspects of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is that it offers what is known as smooth navigation to its users. This is achieved thanks to the android system that has been used to power the smartphone – namely Android11. The operating system offers users a very user-friendly interface that makes navigation of the different apps on this handset very easy to do. If you want to go from one app to another on the Samsung Galaxy A52 simply use the on screen navigation buttons to get to your destination.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

When it comes to charging the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G; the phone does come with one extra battery in the box. This battery lasts for about 10 hours of mobile use and even when it is on the go; the phone remains ready to be used. To top it all off; the built in fast charging feature makes it even more convenient to charge this phone using the USB slot. You will never need to worry about running out of juice because the fast charge gives you enough juice to last till the end of the night. With its rapid charge; the life of the battery on this handset is enhanced a lot too.

Apart from the above two features; the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G also comes with a front touch keypad and a volume control key on the rear edge of the phone along with a 3.2 megapixel camera lens on the top. The headphone jack is also located on the bottom which helps in connecting the ear phone seamlessly when you are on the move. Other things like the infrared sensor; barcode scanner; MMS and GPS are present on these handsets as well. You can get the Samsung Galaxy A52 in different colors including blue; silver; gold; white and black. With its high definition pictures and videos; you can take photos and videos of your choice and pass them to your friends with ease.