Pixel 5 5G – The Ultimate 5G Phone?

The Google Pixel 5 smartphone called the Google smartphone or the Google Play mobile device was first introduced in the market on April 29, 2021, as part of a marketing campaign by the search giant. The device has received warm welcome by the people from all walks of life since its launch, thanks to several innovative features. As per the latest reports, it is predicted that the smartphone will bag huge profits in the long run. The Google smartphone has several unique features that are quite impressive. Let us see what they are.

Pixel 5 5G

The Google smartphone is powered by the dual core 1.5 GHz Avanti processor, along with the Mali-T880 GPU. It is also powered by the Samsung Adreno Series. With these technologies, you can say that you have a high quality graphics card and a powerful processor inside the Google smartphone. The device also offers a high-end camera with several useful options, which enables you to shoot high quality videos and pictures.

One of the most important features present in the Google smartphone is its very large and bright AMOLED screen, which helps you to view the pictures and videos in very vivid colors. The pixel density of this handset is quite high, which gives you the pleasure of viewing the pictures and videos in the most vibrant manner. The phone’s screen has a touch-sensitivity feature, which is used to respond to your touch at any part of the screen. The fingerprint sensor is present on the home keypad, which helps you to unlock the phone quickly. If you want to use the capacitive mode, then you can also set the phone to this mode.


One of the most impressive features of the Google Pixel smartphone is the excellent multi-touch support with their camera, which allows you to take photos and shoot videos with great clarity. If you are looking for high definition images, then you can also select the portrait mode, which offers a clear view of the subject. The pixels of the used screen provide high contrast and accuracy, which make it ideal for providing such images.