The Mechanical Keyboard Flaws

The Optical Mechanical Keyboard – Gamers, whenever we talk about mechanical keyboards, the technology that we often compare is membrane keyboard technology or semi-mechanical keyboard. Naturally, because mechanical technology is indeed a development of the two previous technologies.

But, what if we compare a keyboard with an infra-red sensor mechanical keyboard? Heh, infra-red keyboard? There is? Relax, don’t be surprised. What is meant by infra-red keyboard is a keyboard whose switches use an infrared working system.

Still unclear? Come on, follow the explanation below.

What is Infra-red Keyboard?

As mentioned above, an infrared keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that uses a switch with an infrared working system. So, basically, this keyboard is a mechanical keyboard.

As a new keyboard, this keyboard switch consists of switches whose components move mechanically. When you press the key cap, the lever will go down; and press the spring which makes it bounce back up.

On a conventional keyboard, the lever will then touch the PCB board which then transmits the signal to the computer. Whereas in the infrared keyboard switch, the lever will close the infrared sensor underneath so that the signal is transmitted to the computer.

Certainly can. This infra-red switch is indeed a switch that uses the synergy of several components in it. The difference is only in the signal delivery system that uses an Infrared Photothermal Radiometry (IR PTR) sensor.

So, in an infra-red switch housing, there are two sources of light. One is the IR PTR sensor light which is red and the other is an accessory LED, just like any other switch. The IR PTR sensor will react when the switch lever is pressed down.

Is the sensation still the same as a mechanical keyboard?

Same. Because it remains a class of mechanical switches, the sensation of typing using an infrared switch remains the same as a conventional mechanical switch.

Infra-red switch manufacturers also classify the sensation of typing a button into three types, namely linear, tactile, and clicky. The colors used to distinguish each type are also the same, namely red to represent linear types, tactile is identified with brown, and a clicky sensation can be obtained from a blue switch. – Optical Mechanical Keyboard