What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality? It is the merging of two or more virtual reality systems to create a new reality. Think about the state of your view in real life as compared to what you see in your computer screen.

There are times where you go somewhere, take a photo, watch a video, and walk into a location that has an interesting history. Your view in that location may be completely different than your computer display!

Augmented reality is not a new idea, but it is just becoming more popular. Smartphone applications are creating a completely new reality where your computer and your cell phone are the portals to a whole new world.

Augmented Reality Developers Ideas

AR is no longer simply the domain of video games and 3D design software. Now, software developers are creating augmented reality applications that work with a camera or other type of image device.

You could say that your living room is a whole new world with the addition of some digital equipment. When you walk into your living room and turn on the lights, you are seeing the reflection of your computer screen in the room.

Some software developers have created augmented reality programs that work with a range of hardware devices. One such software program allows you to control your home remotely from anywhere in the world by way of your cellular telephone.

It integrates with your home computer to allow you to control certain aspects of your home from anywhere. For example, you could set the lighting, adjust the temperature and many other options.

Once you are finished controlling certain elements of your home, you can take a picture of yourself from anywhere to share it with friends. What is augmented reality used for? Today, software developers are working on applications that help you organize your digital life.

For example, if you have multiple email accounts and you want to manage them all from one place, what you can do is install an application that will let you see all your emails in one window. This will help you organize all your email accounts from a single source.

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