Wyze Bulb Color – Smart LED for you


Another fascinating feature of the Wyze Bulb Color LED is its temperature sensitivity. The bulb will change the temperature of the surrounding air in response to the color blue. The light level will drop below the threshold for the color and a bright white glow will be produced. The bulb can even be used as a security light because it will turn on at the predetermined color and turn off as the temperature falls below a pre-programmed level.

Wyze Bulb Color

The temperature sensitivity works automatically. Just set the temperature you want the light to reflect and let it happen. There is no need to touch anything as it will do the lightening for you. No temperature setting is required either because it works silently and effectively regardless of the room temperature.

The light produced by the Thermo Tube Zener is forty thousand times brighter than a traditional incandescent bulb. This is a large amount of light, which is very powerful. It will not cast glare and shadows. This makes it perfect to use as a floodlight under a window or to illuminate the way around a dark corner. Also, if you need a precise spot light, it can be programmed for precise color and intensity.

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If you have had a broken thermostat or your current one has developed a fault, you will not be able to turn the lights on or off, regardless of whether there is a light or not. There are, however, battery powered replacements that can be used. You should always have a battery backup because of the possibility of a short circuit in the power socket. It is also important that you read the instructions carefully to know how to use the Wyze bulb safely. Always keep a safe distance from other electrical devices, so that you do not come in contact with wires or cables. Make sure that everyone in the room knows how to properly use the device before attempting to use it.

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