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Zotac has recently introduced the Zotac MAGNUS ONE gaming PC. It is similar to the older Zotac VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems and offers the same great features. Both the voice communication and the Internet access are bundled in one unit. With the addition of the USB powered up keyboard and the nice big house with a nice back-lighting capability, it is a good time to check out the different models of the Zotac ONE gaming PC. The information given below will help you get a better understanding of the product.

Zotac Magnus Series

The Zotac AGP Gaming Mini-PC is actually manufactured by two different companies – Zotac and adata. It is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has an enhanced sound card with digital output. It is manufactured to work with either Windows or Mac OS. The built-in camera and digital display technologies are unique, and it is said that the output of the camera is better than that of the older models.

For example, it is roughly the same price as the newer VOIP systems from Zotac such as the ones found on the market, such as the 3000 series. However, the main emphasis of the product is the innovation it brings to the field of internet games and VOIP telephony. In other words, the innovative product highlights the fact that the company is really serious about competing in the high-end market.

Gaming Mini-PC

There were rumors that the new Zotac models are packed with even more innovations such as faster processor speeds and the like. However, all we can say about this is that it can only run Windows XP at best, but it is already compatible with the newer Microsoft operating systems such as Windows Vista. This means that the future of PCs is definitely looking bright for gamers, as long as manufacturers such as adata and Zotac continue to provide innovative products like these. The future of gaming should be bright with these powerful processors and devices that fit right into today’s needs.

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