Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 – $1,299.99

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop 4, an updated version of the Surface Laptop 3 that primarily adds options for new processors. This Surface Laptop comes with the support of the new 11th generation AMD Ryzen 400 and Intel processors as options.

In addition, citing GSM Arena, Microsoft began marketing the Surface Laptop 4 on April 15, 2021. Surface Laptop will be available in four new CPU options, two each from AMD and Intel.

For almost a decade, Surface has pioneered breakthrough experiences that immerse people in their creative flow, eliminating friction that often exists between people and technology.

In the AMD CPU option, Microsoft offers a variant of the AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition; meaning that this device is supported by a semi-custom chip that is armed with a number of additional changes; and performance supported by the components of the work of each manufacturer.

Other specifications carried by this laptop are similar to Surface Laptop 3. Consumers are offered a choice of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB LPDDR4X RAM, as well as 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD internal storage space.


Meanwhile, the 15-inch version starts at $1,299 with a Ryzen 7 4980U, 8GB of memory, and a 256GB SSD. Our review unit adds a roomier 512GB SSD, for a $200 premium. A Core i7 version is also available, though the option for a discrete GPU on either platform is not. All versions of the new laptop use integrated Iris Xe (Intel) or Radeon (AMD) graphics.

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 series 2021

The new Samsung Smart Monitor M7 series offers precision performance coupled with outstanding clarity. This monitor from Samsung is fully touch and wireless enabled for seamless connectivity with other Samsung Smart Products. This monitor also features a high density multi-touch trackpad that responds up to 100 times faster than a standard touch pad.

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 series

The SGHID technology allows users to control their monitors from a remote location. This remote operation can be done from a laptop, smart phone, or other mobile device. It can also be done through a web browser. The new Samsung monitor utilizes the same optical image stabilization as the brand’s other monitors. The monitor also incorporates Samsung’s latest Eye Care Technology for maximum comfort and viewing comfort. It has an adjustable stand that is compatible with most of the current Samsung Smart Products.

Samsung has made some significant improvements to the brightness of the screen. The monitor produces just enough light for general use. The response time on the other hand is extremely fast, which makes it ideal for use with interactive content. It comes with a handy USB drive, which can store videos and images.

Samsung has recently introduced their internet browser. This will be used in conjunction with their monitor. It will allow users to surf the internet with ease. They have also integrated their Smartpen into their monitors. This allows them to view the word processor, excel spreadsheets and other programs at the same time.

UHD Smart Monitor

A great feature of this M7 Series monitor is its multi-point operation. With the help of this feature, multiple points can be input into the monitor. This makes it possible to input more than one image or text. This multi-point operation also has the capability to output to a VGA connection.

Apple M1 CPU shortcomings

The Apple M1 Notebook, on the other hand, is easily the device’s biggest drawback. On a bright day, the font on the screen can become very small. In addition to this problem, the trackball control on the top right-hand corner of the device is also poorly done. If you are going to be typing on the device a lot, then this tiny problem is going to become frustrating.

Apple M1 CPU

As for the physical keyboard, it is also a big disadvantage. I have yet to see anyone who likes using the on-screen keyboard on the Apple M1. The layout of the keys on the keyboard is difficult to understand, and if you are using the device for long periods of time, you might start to feel physically ill just from using the keyboard. This might also affect how you interact with the device itself, as many of the on-screen commands require that you tap the keys. These actions can also become extremely tedious if you are trying to complete many of them at once.

Finally, there are two huge disadvantages that you should know about before you buy this device. First of all, the Apple M1 has one of the shortest battery life spans of any tablet computer. While the life span of the device might be great for intensive web use, it can also be very poor for casual browsing. You might be able to use the iPad for casual web browsing, but the iPad’s battery life is just not enough for serious web use.

Touchscreen Missing

These two Apple M1 CPU shortcomings are minor things, however they can be very annoying if you are constantly using the device. They can also put you behind the technology curve, which means that many new features that come out for the device later will be more suited to devices that Apple manufactures in the future. Apple knows that people love their devices and that they are a big part of the company’s profits. However, the iPad’s advantages are many, and you need to weigh them carefully. Your decision could be very dependent on which of the two Apple M1 shortcomings you care the most about.

Ryzen 5000 – Alarming High Failure Rates

The AMD Ryzen 5000 software we used is one called “Frontline Registry Cleaner”, which is one of the leading programs for cleaning out the registry of Windows. This tool has been designed by a large software company in the UK, who have included a lot of advanced features that will make your system run a lot better and faster. It’s very easy to use, with a simple “one-click” interface. All you have to do is download this tool, install it and then let it fix the various problems that your computer might have.

Ryzen 5000

The registry is one of the most important parts of the entire system, but is also one of the biggest causes of problems for it. As Windows constantly needs to read 100s of registry files & settings each time you use your PC, it’s continually opening and editing the wrong ones, leading your system to become confused and unable to run as effectively as it would if it wasn’t corrupted. This makes your PC run slower and with errors as it struggles to process information from the registry. In fact, if your PC runs with a lot of errors, it’s probably because it’s unable to read the registry files it needs to run, and that’s why your PC will crash and display errors.

What makes the Frontline Registry Cleaner so effective is that it’s able to scan through all the registry files of your system and fix all the errors that are inside them. Unlike some other tools, this one can fix the largest number of registry errors, leading your PC to run like it did when it was new. It’s created by a large software company who have included many different registry optimizing tools in order to make sure that your PC’s performance is as good as possible. Although this tool is able to clean out all the damaged files from inside your PC, it’s not the best one to use on an older version of Windows (Vista or XP). You need to use one of the leading registry cleaners on these versions of Windows in order to get the most effective and reliable results. The best tools are the ones that work well with all the major Microsoft Windows versions.


The way that the best AMD Ryzen 5000 registry cleaner actually works is to continually scan your PC for any of the damaged settings that could potentially cause your system to run slower and with errors… but it does that in the most effective way possible. Because it has been designed by a professional software company, it has the ability to fix the most registry errors on your PC in the most effective way. It does this by scanning every registry file that’s on your computer and then fixing all the damaged settings that are inside it. The best registry tool has the backup & restore facility, which allow it to fix the most registry errors on your system in the safest way possible.

Zalman Water Cooler Z-MACHINE 500

Zalman water coolers come in different sizes so be sure to choose the one that will fit in your home. You don’t want one that is too large if it isn’t going to fit where you plan on putting it. It is also important to remember that some of the Zalman coolers have wheels. This is great for families or someone who likes to take their cooler with them. They make great travel units as well. So if you are planning on buying a new cooler soon, you might want to consider a Zalman one.

Zalman Z-MACHINE 500

Zalman Eurostar The Zalman Eurostar series is a stylish addition to any home. It comes with a big front window, a chrome hood with a flip-up door, and a stainless steel side pull faucet. It also has an adjustable water flow control that allows you to adjust how fast or slow the water flows through the dispenser. Zalman Europe also has a very affordable choice for under the counter water coolers.

Zalman Ultra Zee These water coolers are larger and are great if you want to cool a big area. They are made in three different styles, a counter top, a tower style, and a hands-free style. It also has an integrated cooler which means that it does not have to be hooked up to a computer or any other type of plumbing. It is also made of stainless steel which makes it easier to clean and keep looking good.

Best Buy

Zalman European Cooler Zalman Europe is another great line. It has been around for a while and has numerous award winners to back its name. This line has several different sizes, colors, and finishes to choose from. It comes with an easy to use control switch that makes it easier than ever to get an accurate temperature with one touch.

There are plenty more Zalman PC Case to choose from as well. The only limit is your imagination. Look for reviews online to see what other people think about the coolers and the company. You can find these types of water coolers at most places that sell refrigerators. If they do not have them in stock, then most places will have them in the next few days. Check them out before you buy one.

AMD RX 6700 specs and release date

There is a lot of speculation going around about an AMD RX 6700 graphics card launch date. Most of the rumors have to do with an event being held during the middle of May. However, there is no concrete evidence or leak which throws doubt on this claim. This may be due to the fact that it is a marketing event rather than an official release date. Whatever the case may be, we have got the lowdown on when the card will be available and what you should look for if you want to get one.

AMD RX 6700

As is typical of most rumors, this one comes straight from a gaming source and is circulating widely amongst PC gamers. They are saying that a special launch event will take place during the middle of May, at which all current owners of existing Polaris-based cards will receive a free upgrade to the new card. The cards are said to feature the “newest and greatest” features as seen on the new consoles and will include such bells and whistles as advanced memory modules, enhanced display options, and improved video output options such as 4k resolutions. No concrete evidence has been released yet, but if this leak does come true, then the card release date should be before the end of May.

If this is the case, then we are in excellent condition. With the price of AMD RX 6700 new cards right now, they simply couldn’t afford to release many more of these cards before the end of the current holiday season. The new console generation is going to feature a few more new consoles than the last few years, but overall the Polaris architecture should hold up just fine. This means that you will still have access to your favorite games and stay within your budget, too.

As for leaks, we can confirm that some of them may be true. The most popular one right now is the claim that the new cards will include support for Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio. Though no specifics are given, this is still good news for gamers who want the full experience from their new cards. It will be interesting to see what else is included with these cards. Right now, it appears that all of the information points to a processor that has the same capabilities as previous AMD RX 6700 platforms, though the exact numbers are not necessarily clear.

However, one thing is certain: you will be able to play all of your favorite new games on the new platform. This includes your PC gaming needs as well. You will be able to run the latest versions of your favorite games on the new platform without having to wait on a long outdated game disc or waiting for a rental CD. Now, there are certain titles that may not be able to run at all on this new system, but this is to be expected. There are so many different games being added to the list that every single one will work on the new AMD hardware.

With this in mind, you may want to invest in a brand new graphics card now, if you have been waiting to get one. You will be able to get a great price on an all-in-one card that will allow you to enjoy all of your new games and computer applications. These cards will also allow you to run your Windows programs side by side on one card, as they are designed for multi-tasking. This can be a really big deal for anyone that loves to use multiple programs at once.

RX Blueprints

You should consider buying your new video card now, before the new games and operating systems come out later this year. Right now, you can save a lot of money by picking up a card that will support your new platform when it is released. This way, you will be able to start playing your games immediately and you will not have to worry about finding a system to purchase when the time comes around. The cards are also much more affordable than the different game consoles you can purchase for your home. Whether you are planning on buying a gaming laptop or your standard desktop, now is the perfect time to buy.

When you purchase an all-in-one card for gaming today, you will be going with a brand new platform. You will not have to worry about learning any new computer commands since everything will be included with your card. This is the perfect solution if you want to start enjoying new games, but you do not want to go out and spend a lot of money yet. The new video card technology for PCs is something worth checking out. Now is the right time to get your hands on this amazing technology.

Apple M1X Geekbench multi-core result

The battery life on the Apple MacBook Pro isn’t as long as you might like. You should expect around two hours of real work time on a charge, but this varies from person to person. One of the reasons why this can happen is that the Pro is really designed for power hungry use. Another reason why this can happen is because you might be using the MacBook for extended periods of time, but charging your battery on a regular basis will decrease the life span. This is why it’s a good idea to charge your battery on a regular basis.

Apple M1X

The last thing that Apple forgot to include in the MacBook Pro is that you still need to have a decent sized USB flash drive to store all your music and movies. Apple has managed to include the hard disk, but unfortunately the USB drive is lacking in storage space. If you need to download a huge library of music or movies, then you are going to need to find a place on your computer where you can store these files! Until the USB storage space in the MacBook Pro is increased, you will need to store your files onto external media.

Another pro would be the built in speakers. If you’ve been lucky enough to have bought a home cinema PC before, then you will have enjoyed the sound from these. On the other hand, you won’t have enjoyed the sound on the MacBook Pro. It lacks a quality speaker, and if you want to enjoy movies and music from this machine, then you are going to need a good set of speakers! Apple should have included a few extra features in the MacBook Pro, but they haven’t – yet another good reason to buy a different machine.

Release Date?

Overall, the MacBook Pro does offer a lot of features for a relatively small price tag. However, you will need to make sure that the hardware that is inside the machine is top of the range. If you have a reliable laptop then the machine should last for quite some time. If you want to get the most out of the machine, then spend a little more and get a good quality machine.


Zotac has recently introduced the Zotac MAGNUS ONE gaming PC. It is similar to the older Zotac VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems and offers the same great features. Both the voice communication and the Internet access are bundled in one unit. With the addition of the USB powered up keyboard and the nice big house with a nice back-lighting capability, it is a good time to check out the different models of the Zotac ONE gaming PC. The information given below will help you get a better understanding of the product.

Zotac Magnus Series

The Zotac AGP Gaming Mini-PC is actually manufactured by two different companies – Zotac and adata. It is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has an enhanced sound card with digital output. It is manufactured to work with either Windows or Mac OS. The built-in camera and digital display technologies are unique, and it is said that the output of the camera is better than that of the older models.

For example, it is roughly the same price as the newer VOIP systems from Zotac such as the ones found on the market, such as the 3000 series. However, the main emphasis of the product is the innovation it brings to the field of internet games and VOIP telephony. In other words, the innovative product highlights the fact that the company is really serious about competing in the high-end market.

Gaming Mini-PC

There were rumors that the new Zotac models are packed with even more innovations such as faster processor speeds and the like. However, all we can say about this is that it can only run Windows XP at best, but it is already compatible with the newer Microsoft operating systems such as Windows Vista. This means that the future of PCs is definitely looking bright for gamers, as long as manufacturers such as adata and Zotac continue to provide innovative products like these. The future of gaming should be bright with these powerful processors and devices that fit right into today’s needs.

Windows 7 – still running on at least 100 million PCs

The reason why Windows 7 runs slowly is because it has not been able to make any changes to the Windows registry yet. This is where most computers’ performance slows down over time, because Windows must read the information it needs from the Windows registry to perform tasks and without fixing the errors in the registry, Windows will simply run slower as time goes on.

Windows 7 Discontinued Support

In order to speed up Windows 7, you have to perform maintenance on your PC. The maintenance you perform on your computer should include repairing the Windows registry and clearing out all the files that are in the wrong places. Without doing this, Windows will run very slowly, but it still runs relatively fast if you just know how to speed up Windows 7 without doing much.

You might be wondering why it is so important to repair the Windows registry, and the answer to this question is simple. The Windows registry is the central information database for your system, and the information it contains tells Windows everything from how to load the programs on your system to how to make your Internet connection faster. Even the new Windows operating system utilizes the Windows registry in order to help it run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Could be even more than 100 million PCs

But although Windows performs extremely well, there are a lot of people who are not taking advantage of the system’s ability to optimize itself. This includes all of the users of Windows operating systems, which means that Windows has been collecting a lot of information about how to run a computer for many years. Now, this information is scattered across all of the different parts of Windows, including the Windows registry.

Because it is spread across the different Windows computers, the registry ends up with a huge amount of unused data, making it confused and slow. In order to speed up Windows, you need to be able to clean out all of this unnecessary data before Windows can run as efficiently as possible.


Linus Torvalds favors AMD over Intel

When you think of great minds, you might not think of hockey players like Linus Torvalds, but that’s the type of player he is. He is known for his booming shot as well as being a fantastic two-way player for the Vancouver Canucks. For this reason, many experts agree that the Vancouver Canucks could certainly use him in an emergency situation this season, even beyond this year. Here’s a look at how Linus fits into the equation for the Canucks in the 2021-9 NHL season:

Holy Crab NHL

Linus plays on the top pair, right defensemen. His skating ability makes him extremely valuable to this club as they do not have a lot of depth at the forward position. If there ever was a time for a versatile player to step into the lineup, it would be now. He also has an uncanny ability to read plays and anticipate plays, so he always knows where the play is headed. As he has demonstrated with the puck on his stick, he is not afraid to take a shot if the situation calls for it.

A negative about Linus is that he does not skate very well – this makes him less effective at offense than he could be. His skating has helped him earn the right to start every single game this season for the Canucks. If he is able to develop more offensive skills, Linus should become a valuable piece to the Sedan twins’ offense. If he is kept on the third line, somewhere between scratch and possibly playing against second and third line players every night, he will be a valuable commodity to this team for years to come.

Linus Torvalds’ Bio

That’s because Torvalds explained in a Real World Technologies discussion forum, you get more bang for the buck from AMD processors. Today, ECC memory is hard to find and expensive when you do find it. Torvalds puts the blame squarely on Intel for this sad state of affairs.