Zotac has recently introduced the Zotac MAGNUS ONE gaming PC. It is similar to the older Zotac VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems and offers the same great features. Both the voice communication and the Internet access are bundled in one unit. With the addition of the USB powered up keyboard and the nice big house with a nice back-lighting capability, it is a good time to check out the different models of the Zotac ONE gaming PC. The information given below will help you get a better understanding of the product.

Zotac Magnus Series

The Zotac AGP Gaming Mini-PC is actually manufactured by two different companies – Zotac and adata. It is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has an enhanced sound card with digital output. It is manufactured to work with either Windows or Mac OS. The built-in camera and digital display technologies are unique, and it is said that the output of the camera is better than that of the older models.

For example, it is roughly the same price as the newer VOIP systems from Zotac such as the ones found on the market, such as the 3000 series. However, the main emphasis of the product is the innovation it brings to the field of internet games and VOIP telephony. In other words, the innovative product highlights the fact that the company is really serious about competing in the high-end market.

Gaming Mini-PC

There were rumors that the new Zotac models are packed with even more innovations such as faster processor speeds and the like. However, all we can say about this is that it can only run Windows XP at best, but it is already compatible with the newer Microsoft operating systems such as Windows Vista. This means that the future of PCs is definitely looking bright for gamers, as long as manufacturers such as adata and Zotac continue to provide innovative products like these. The future of gaming should be bright with these powerful processors and devices that fit right into today’s needs.

Windows 7 – still running on at least 100 million PCs

The reason why Windows 7 runs slowly is because it has not been able to make any changes to the Windows registry yet. This is where most computers’ performance slows down over time, because Windows must read the information it needs from the Windows registry to perform tasks and without fixing the errors in the registry, Windows will simply run slower as time goes on.

Windows 7 Discontinued Support

In order to speed up Windows 7, you have to perform maintenance on your PC. The maintenance you perform on your computer should include repairing the Windows registry and clearing out all the files that are in the wrong places. Without doing this, Windows will run very slowly, but it still runs relatively fast if you just know how to speed up Windows 7 without doing much.

You might be wondering why it is so important to repair the Windows registry, and the answer to this question is simple. The Windows registry is the central information database for your system, and the information it contains tells Windows everything from how to load the programs on your system to how to make your Internet connection faster. Even the new Windows operating system utilizes the Windows registry in order to help it run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Could be even more than 100 million PCs

But although Windows performs extremely well, there are a lot of people who are not taking advantage of the system’s ability to optimize itself. This includes all of the users of Windows operating systems, which means that Windows has been collecting a lot of information about how to run a computer for many years. Now, this information is scattered across all of the different parts of Windows, including the Windows registry.

Because it is spread across the different Windows computers, the registry ends up with a huge amount of unused data, making it confused and slow. In order to speed up Windows, you need to be able to clean out all of this unnecessary data before Windows can run as efficiently as possible.


Linus Torvalds favors AMD over Intel

When you think of great minds, you might not think of hockey players like Linus Torvalds, but that’s the type of player he is. He is known for his booming shot as well as being a fantastic two-way player for the Vancouver Canucks. For this reason, many experts agree that the Vancouver Canucks could certainly use him in an emergency situation this season, even beyond this year. Here’s a look at how Linus fits into the equation for the Canucks in the 2021-9 NHL season:

Holy Crab NHL

Linus plays on the top pair, right defensemen. His skating ability makes him extremely valuable to this club as they do not have a lot of depth at the forward position. If there ever was a time for a versatile player to step into the lineup, it would be now. He also has an uncanny ability to read plays and anticipate plays, so he always knows where the play is headed. As he has demonstrated with the puck on his stick, he is not afraid to take a shot if the situation calls for it.

A negative about Linus is that he does not skate very well – this makes him less effective at offense than he could be. His skating has helped him earn the right to start every single game this season for the Canucks. If he is able to develop more offensive skills, Linus should become a valuable piece to the Sedan twins’ offense. If he is kept on the third line, somewhere between scratch and possibly playing against second and third line players every night, he will be a valuable commodity to this team for years to come.

Linus Torvalds’ Bio

That’s because Torvalds explained in a Real World Technologies discussion forum, you get more bang for the buck from AMD processors. Today, ECC memory is hard to find and expensive when you do find it. Torvalds puts the blame squarely on Intel for this sad state of affairs.

Future AMD RDNA-based GPUs

The first of the future AMD products will be based on the new Graphics Processing Units or Graphics Cards manufactured by Advanced Micro Concepts. These new devices will be based on the new AMD Family of Products or AMD Family of Service or AMAS. AMD has announced that they are introducing new products with the names “Strix” and” Vector.” Both of these new products will be based on the new AMD RDNA Technology.

What is AMD RDNA

One thing that we need to know right away is that the Desktop processor offerings from AMD are not unified. This means that there are different products that go for different parts of the Desktop. The biggest confusing point when talking about AMD Riva is that it is the mainframe of the company’s Desktop lineup. AMD claims that this family of products will offer consumers everything that they would want out of a Desktop processor. In the future articles we will dive deep into the Desktop offerings from AMD so that you can better understand all the specifications that we have outlined in the following article.


Currently, AMD has released six different models in their current lineup. These models are: the A-Series, the A-Series, the FX-series, the PRO-series, and the STD-series. Out of the six products only the FX-series was launched in January of 2021. It is expected that other models from the future will launch in the future including the Vega-series.


When it comes to the new AMD Riva Technologies we will look at what new features that the company will introduce with their new products. Among the features that we will be looking at are: extreme gaming abilities, high resolution gaming experiences, the integration with new technologies like Metal-X and HBC. We also look at how AMD is going to incorporate their new Virtual Machine technology to make their compute system even better than ever.


Now that we have introduced the new technologies we will be introducing into the desktop computing industry we will now take a look at what AMD Riva drivers can do for you. As mentioned before, the new Virtual Machine technology in the future of AMD will enable multiple virtual environments to be setup within the same machine. This will allow for gaming enthusiasts to use the same compute machine for multiple different functions. Gaming alone will require several different machines and this will eliminate the need for having to purchase multiple machines for different purposes. This will save you a lot of money.

AMD Future Blueprint

In the future we will be seeing a lot of new and exciting technologies being released by all of the top manufacturers in the industry including AMD. They will be able to bring the power of the new AMD RDNA products to you through custom made systems. By taking the time to learn about the new technology that is coming out, you can increase your chances of finding the best video card, processor, memory, and hard drive that you can invest in. For more information check out our website today.

AMD Ryzen 5000 – Date and Pricing

The desktop AMD Ryzen 5000 series, based on the Zen 3 microarchitecture, was announced on October 8, 2020. They use the same 7 nm manufacturing process, which has matured slightly, as usual. Mainstream Ryzen 5000 CPU cores are codenamed Vermeer. Enthusiast/workstation Threadripper 5000 CPU cores are codenamed Genesis.

AMD Ryzen 5000

If you’ve been paying attention to the technology inside of gaming notebooks, you’ve probably heard about all the new features and technologies that have been integrated into recent consoles. For instance, the new PlayStation 4 boasts of a new image processing engine that improves image quality, resolution, and frame rate. This is what’s inside the AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUS, too. The real draw to the new generation of AMD motherboards, however, is the powerful new AMD AMP series of processors. With its powerful new Zen architecture, AMD has literally taken the best part of the original AMD Jaguar CPU and put it inside the new AMD Ryzen notebook.

It’s important to understand how this new system works. In a nutshell, the AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors replace the aging AMD Jaguar core with something called the AMD Opteron processor. This is the same “old” design that has been used in AMD’s older console games. What makes the difference here, however, is the fact that the AMD system now incorporates two new cores in place of the previous two. The result is a powerful central processing unit (CPU) that resolves studio-level issues such as heavy workloads, but also an upgraded main memory. When compared to the old processor, the new one is roughly three times as fast for the same price.

For the first time, the AMD Ryzen notebook is compatible with AMD’s multi-core Zen architecture. This is not to say that the processor will run at the same speeds as a seven-core Intel Core i7, though. However, if you are looking at a laptop, then it is likely that you will be using multi-core technology. The result is that you can expect to see more than ten percent extra processing power from your AMD Ryzen.

Zen 3 Series

Speaking of performance, the unlocked AMD Ryzen notebook, along with its sibling the Ryzen 9, have two BIOS slots. The former boosts the maximum processor frequency while the latter sets the maximum turbo clock frequency for the AMD system. The former can prove to be helpful if you want to overclock the processor to a point where it can compete with some high-end gaming notebooks. On the other hand, for general use the two clock speeds are not sufficient enough to make a noticeable difference.

There are many rumors circulating about how well AMD’s latest processors perform. Much of this stems from the companies’ penchant for providing rather ambiguous information. A good example would be the Ryzen 5 5600x, which supposedly combines three of the most powerful cores in AMD’s line-up into one. Similarly, AMD’s latest top-end desktop CPU, the AMD Athlon II, is also equipped with two of its most potent cores; however, it is impossible to tell just how much they contribute to the processor’s performance.

Nvidia to postpone the RTX 3080 Ti to February

It seems that RTX 3080 has been postponed again. This time it is in the hands of gamers. Gaming enthusiasts have taken to twitter to express their concerns and questions about the new game.  If you are going to be spending a lot of time with it, consider purchasing an anti-scratch pad to use in the case that something were to happen.

Nvidia RTX 3080

Many people are tweeting about the possibility of the game being postponed yet again. The latest news is that the release has been delayed until February. When a brand new game is released months ahead of its official release date, there are a lot of negative comments from gamers and game lovers.

There are complaints about RTX 3080 bugs, inconsistencies, poor graphics, and other issues. Once the game is scratched, there is no way for consumers and retailers to sell the console or games to anyone else. The console is then put back on store shelves and cannot be sold or distributed to anyone else.

February Availabilty

Now that the console has been scratched, how will it be sold? The best bet is that it will not be sold at all. Stores cannot handle the inventory and will not receive the funds from selling it. The cost to store and ship the unit is too great. I’m sure though that they will try, but the financial commitment would be too great for them to consider.


The most important thing to do is to avoid having your console damaged in any way. Whether it is being scratched by someone, dropped on the ground, or even dropped on your lap, make sure to keep it safe. If you are at an event where your console is being used, make sure to clean it before using it.

Zowie XL2546 Gaming Monitor

The Zowie XL2546 gaming monitor is perfect for those of you who want to master shooter games more comfortably. It can help you to increase your concentration while playing games, train your aim to be more precise, in order to pursue your career in the eSport world, especially for shooter games.

240Hz may be the standard high enough refresh rate for playing games, but this feature will guarantee you will want to have it if you have tried it thanks to its convenience when playing shooter games. I, who often put this feature aside, is now interested in having it thanks to his services in improving the performance of my aim. Well, even though this is not entirely possible with the help of the monitor, it is because the hours of playing games are quite high as well.

Zowie XL2546
Zowie XL2546 Gaming Monitor

BenQ Zowie XL2546 Gaming Monitor Features

Anti-Shake with Square Leg Design in addition to the features that are very practical and helpful when playing competitive games, Zowie XL2546 is designed with external functions that will provide comfort at any time. As mentioned earlier, the monitor frame is built with features that make it easy to assemble like a keyboard. But there is another thing that is BenQ’s flagship weapon in its design, namely the shape of the flat box legs that are anti-shake.

Like the video you can see above, that this monitor will still stand firmly and won’t sway easily when the table gets a fairly strong shake. Minimizing your concentration, when there are a lot of disturbances that come from friends, family, or maybe nature.

Shield and frame that will give additional focus. The monitor foot is not the only part that will help you, the frame and shield also play an important role when using it. The frame design is thick and protrudes like a painting frame made with the same concept so that you focus on seeing the screen panel showing the game being played. Meanwhile, the shield will protect your view from some distraction so that it is more focused on the screen and does not care about some “distractions” around you.

BenQ Zowie XL2546 Specifications

BenQ Zowie XL2546 has 24.5 inch with 16:9 display ratio. Using TN Panel with 240 Hz refresh rate which is design for gamers and has 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution, 320 nits brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Another features that this monitor has is such as ergonomic stand that you can adjust the height, Tilt, Rotate, Swivel and you can set the personalize viewing angles with the help of Red Dials.


AOC Gaming Monitor 24G2

AOC Gaming monitor 24G2 adopts a futuristic gaming model design covered with matte black plastics with a red plastic elements mark like a X letter. The looks can be very eye catching and the quality of the material is well built.

The stand also made from a heavy metal covered with plastic shaped also like X letter but at the back of the stand it really helps the monitor balance. It is kind of hard to make the monitor fall to the left or right because of the stance.

Another great feature of the AOC gaming monitor is its gaming mode. It gives the gamer an almost real-world experience while playing. You won’t have to deal with slow response times while you play your favorite game anymore, since the AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor will provide you with the kind of quality graphics that you expect while playing.

AOC Gaming monitor 24G2 reviewed by customer reviews, screen resolution and features details, reviewed and rated on a variety of consumer and computer review sites.

AOC Gaming Monitor 24G2 Features

This monitor also has a vesa mount 100×100 when you want to put this monitor against the wall. And you can push the monitor against the monitor to the max without worrying about the ports. Because all ports for this 24G2 is facing down.


The bottom bezel is thicker around 0.71 inches using only a sliver of panel boundary.  An AOC gaming monitor, also called an active-matrix technology monitor, combines advanced technologies with a high level of gaming.

Its features include a large screen, an excellent response time, and features such as a frameless design, variable refresh rate and high resolution.

The OSD menu for this monitor is organized and has all the features using  the four hotkeys which are located beneath the bottom bezels. So the OSD menu are not using a joystick.

AOC Gaming Monitor 24G2
AOC Gaming Monitor 24G2

One last feature of the AOC Gaming Monitor is its WLED backlight feature. The backlighting allows gamers to get better light than they would with the normal monitor, which helps them to see the dark areas of the map that need more attention while they are playing. You can also increase or decrease the brightness by adjusting the buttons on the side panel of the AOC Gaming Monitor.

For gamers who are looking for something a little different, then the AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor might be the one to try. This unit offers all of the great features that you can expect while gaming, along with a great looking unit that makes it easier to play the game with better clarity.

AOC 24G2 Specs

The AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor has 23.8” Screen size IPS Panel with 1920×1080 resolution, 144 Hz Refresh Rate, 8-bit colors 250 nits brightness, 178* viewing angle. This AOC 24G2 also has ergonomic stand features rotate, height adjustment, tilt and swivel left and right which is very important for some people.

Xiaomi 27 Inch 165Hz

There are many monitors on the market today, Xiaomi 27 Inch 165Hz PC Monitor / XMMNT27HQ maybe can be the best selection for you. This is only one reason why it’s important that you obtain the ideal monitor for your requirements so you can use your PC to its fullest potential.

What you wish to search for when you are seeking a monitor is it is going to have the ability to provide you with good picture quality. This is particularly important when you’re going to be using your own PC in a room that is dark. You will have to make sure it can supply you with the best possible view of the display. Should you just happen to be a gamer then this is also an important matter to think about when selecting a new monitor. It’ll be extremely important that you buy one that has a higher refresh rate so that you will have a smoother gaming experience.

The dimensions of your monitor is also very essential for some people. They may be unable to purchase a larger monitor but there are some that are able to go around 48 inches. If you happen to be purchasing a bigger monitor then you must make sure you place the track not too close which can cause your own eyes hurt / eyestrain. This will help your eyes to look at the monitor for a longer time.

Finding The Most Suitable Monitor

Since there are lots of options out there for you to buy a new screen, remember for doing a study first to obtain the most acceptable for your track requirements. Whenever you’re looking for one, you are going to want to take a while to really examine the qualities which are included from the screen. This will let you locate one that has everything that you would like.

Among the most important things is that you are likely to need to ensure that it has a high enough resolution so that it can handle any sort of image that you are trying to put on it. This is an important thing for you to look at whenever you’re trying to choose what is best for you. The best thing that you can do is to navigate around and find a number of unique monitors which are out there and see which ones are good and which ones aren’t as great.

Xiaomi 27 Inch 165Hz Specs

The new xiaomi 27″ track or XMMNT27HQ using IPS Panel with 178*viewing angle, 16.7 million colours, 100% SRGB color gamut, 95 percent DCI-P3, 400cd/m² and ▲E < 2 which means this monitor produce colors that very similar to reality. The resolution 2560×1440 QHD 2K Ultra clear screen, HDR 400, Refresh rate 165 Hz, TUV low blue light. This Xiaomi XMMNT27HQ also has ergonomic stand feature that can make the monitor rotated to a vertical or horizontal position, adjustable height and tilt. Do you want to replace your monitor to this XMMNT27HQ? You can check the price at china through xiaomi official site .

Xiaomi Monitor Ultrawide 34″

Xiaomi PC Monitor Ultrawide 34″ has released its broad curved monitor which will smash the market for sure. For Those people that are fond of gaming and want to receive the best gaming experience, a Xiaomi PC Monitor 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor / XMMNTWQ34 is definitely a must have. Having An impressive variety of attributes which will surely make you happy with the image clarity, this product is truly worth its price.

When You look at different features which are included in this product, it surely can provide you more than what you predicted.

Xiaomi Ultrawide 34″ Specs

Substance For this monitor case is really amazing, xiaomi coated this 34″ monitor with dove colour and has a hard and heavy steel to the stand to balance the burden and the width with this particular screen. It is fairly noticeable to view how in which the colour and clarity of the display look and also the size also makes it look like big. For this, you won’t miss a single game play on account of the slow or rapid pace of your device.

The Screen of the device’s screen is also quite intriguing. With an W-LED backlighting, it gives you the best viewing experience. The Brightness of this SVA panel is just right for the requirements of the consumer using 300cd/m².

Monitor With Ergonomic Stand Characteristic

Besides This, it’s ergonomic stand that enable you to set the elevation adjustment, tilt and swivel left and right. If you would like to Discover the Best Price for This item, you always have to get the cheapest and the best prices out there.

You Will find this PC monitor a great match for all those who have been using a computer for a long time now. Read Some product review websites relating to the solution and make your choice about which model to purchase. And which retailer to utilize.

There Is also an audio interface so that you can listen to the audio in your gambling session without disturbing others around you. You Can see Xiaomi official site to observe the products detail and you may also see full specs from the energy consumption and the packing list.

The Most astonishing about this Xiaomi Monitor Ultrawide 34″ is its price which is very Reasonable and affordable for high quality specifications like this.